As a journalist I reported from more than ten countries for leading global media outlets, including tv, online and print. Here is some work I am particularly proud of.

In Mozambique. Photo: private

At the age of 17 I published my first article in a local news paper in Southern Germany where I learned the fundamentals of journalism and writing. Over the years, I brought to perfection my writing and reporting skills.

As a foreign affairs reporter, I covered politics and conflicts, global development, social issues and the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who fight for peace and justice. I reported from more than ten countries, and was based as a foreign correspondent in South Africa and the Netherlands.

I was at the centre of world events: in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was hospitalised and died; in the Netherlands when flight MH17 was downed; and in Rwanda 20 years after the genocide.

I worked in three languages. Among the stories I am particularly proud of are:

In English:

In German:

In Dutch:

I worked for leading international media outlets, including:

“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.”

― Susan Sontag (2003)