Advisory report for UN: Recommendations for the future of Peacekeeping

I’ve co-authored a paper for the UN leadership on the future of Peacekeeping and human rights, under the leadership of Lt. General Kees Matthijssen.

75 years after the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the establishment of UN peace missions, the future of both institutions have come under pressure. Upon invitation by Secretary General António Guterres, the United Nations Association of the Netherlands (NVVN) has developed an advisory report with recommendations for the future of Peacekeeping.

The paper is the result of extensive consultations with more than 20 representatives from government, academia, and civil society, and in-depth interviews with several experts. It aims to contribute to the UN Secretary-General’s New Agenda for Peace and to provide the UN leadership with ideas and recommendations for the strengthening of human rights promotion and protection by UN peace operations in a more complex multilateral system.

As a member of the drafting committee, I’ve contributed to the research and writing of the paper.