Interview with AD: The dream of a third Hague Peace Conference

In an interview with Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad (AD), I spoke about my new book – and the need for a new Hague Peace Conference.

In the interview, I explained how The Hague became the city of peace and justice. 125 years ago, two conferences in The Hague laid the foundation for modern international law and multilateral organisations. AD writes:

‘But the work is not finished, says Duerr, who dreams of a third Hague Peace Conference. Inspired by his predecessors he seeks to bring together the Dutch for a new project of international allure; the Netherlands playing a new role in the fight for peace. “That could be very inspiring and connect people.”‘

An example could be France, where a few years ago a citizens’ convention developed plans and ideas for a more ambitious climate policy. In the Netherlands, a discussion should be held on its international identity and purpose, which should be step towards a new Hague Peace Conference.

Full article: Hoe Den Haag 125 jaar geleden een stad voor vrede werd: ‘Russische tsaar vreesde oplopende defensiekosten’