About me. I’m a political scientist, lawyer, and writer. Through my work, I connect people and ideas for innovative and strong forms of international cooperation.

Benjamin Duerr Portretfoto. Fotograaf: Gregor Servais

Photo: Gregor Servais

In the world of the 21st century, everyone is connected to everyone. Toys and food, knowledge, people, music and machines are crossing borders. The exchange of goods and ideas is the basis of prosperity, freedom, and security. International cooperation is crucial to preserve these achievements.

I am a lawyer and a diplomat. As a writer, I devise ideas on global politics and international law to inspire international cooperation.

I was born in the autumn of 1988 in Southern Germany and studied political science (MSc) at the London School of Economics (LSE) and international law (LL.M.) in Turin, Italy.

I worked as a journalist and as a strategist in the non-profit sector, including for Nobel Peace Prize laureate Denis Mukwege and his foundation. For several years I coordinated their international engagements – including during the awarding of the Nobel prize – and the ideation of the Global Survivors Fund, which was successfully established in 2019 at the UN.

Since 2019 I have been working in different international roles for the Dutch government.

My expertise

International cooperation and multilateral organisations, including the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. International law and the international rule of law. Armed conflicts and international crimes. History of international relations.

PHOTO: Guy Jordan / London School of Economics


I conduct research and write about global politics and international law.

A particular interest of mine is the history of diplomacy, international relations, and the role of international law in world orders.

I am a member of the research network of the International Orders Research Unit at LSE.

Overview of academic publications

Publications, media appearances, and speaking engagements

My work was published by leading media outlets around the world. As a journalist, I worked in three languages in more than ten countries, mostly in Africa. I was named one of Germany’s 30 best journalists under 30 years.

I speak at conferences and deliver lectures. In the past, I spoke, for example, at an internal event of a German government ministry, a United Nations conference in Tunisia, and at panel discussions at the London School of Economics (LSE), the Free University Brussels, and the universities of Leiden and Utrecht in the Netherlands.

With Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol (photo: Phil Nijhuis)

Internationale experience

Board member United Nations Association of the Netherlands (UNANL)


Member of the Young German Leaders delegation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel

Mozambique Fellow, Johns Hopkins University International Reporting Project

Election observer, presidential elections Georgia


One of Germany’s Top 30 Journalists under 30 Years (Medium Magazin)

Nomination for the Best of Online Activism Award for my blog ICCobserver (Deutsche Welle)

German-Dutch Journalism Award
(Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions)