I am an open-minded and creative citizen of the world with a passion for writing, reading and long-distance running. My goal: make a lasting contribution to international affairs.

Photo: Sandra Meyndt


I was born in the autumn of 1988 in Southern Germany. My goal is to make a lasting contribution to international law and international relations. A strong sense of justice keeps me going. Long-distance running teaches me to be perseverant. I am a sensitive person with the ambition to leverage my talent and potential to the fullest for a friendlier world. I speak English, German, Dutch and French and have basic knowledge of Arabic and Spanish.


Among my favorite authors and thinkers are Virginia Woolf, Hannah Arendt, Martha Nussbaum and Kwame Anthony Appiah. I am inspired by Susan Sontag’s essays on media and war (‘Regarding the Pain of Others’), by Peter Singer’s thinking on altruism and animal rights, by Margret MacMillian’s work on the Paris Peace Conference 1919 (‘The Peacemakers’), by Wolfram Ellenberger’s panorama of the antebellum philosophers (‘Zeit der Zauberer’), and by David van Reybrouck’s history of Congo.


I worked as a pro bono legal adviser for the Dutch Refugee Council and supported the Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ).
I am a founding member of the German-Kenyan Kenya Foundation Schwäbische Alb.


London School of Economics (LSE)
(Master of Political Science – Diplomacy/International Strategy)

UNICRI / University of Turin
(Master of Law, LL.M. – international law)


One of Germany’s Top 30 Journalists under 30 Years
(Medium Magazine, 2014)

Nomination for the Best of Online Activism Award for my blog ICCobserver (Deutsche Welle, 2014)

German-Dutch Journalism Award
(Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions 2011)

Social Award for my commitment for Africa
(City Council of Münsingen 2008)

“My country is the world, and my
religion is to do good.”

― Thomas Paine, Rights of Man