Im Namen der Völker. “In the Name of the People” is an acclaimed narrative of the history, the idea and the work of the International Criminal Court.

Published by edition Körber Stiftung (2016)
232 pages
ISBN: 978-3-89684-192-6

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The book explores the idea of using law to achieve peace and justice, through the rule of law, and how it is put into practice at the ICC.

“In the Name of the People: The Long Struggle of the International Criminal Court” is a critical portrait of the ICC and highlights the gap between the ambitions of a global court and the realities it faces in a world of power-driven politics.

»An easy-to-understand book with many details of the daily work of the court« (Stuttgarter Zeitung)


I speak about international law and the politics around it, about the International Criminal Court and the contributions of law and diplomacy to peace and justice.

In the past, I spoke to experts and academics, to students and non-expert audiences in several countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and Tunesia.