My books are about history, politics and law, and combine gripping narrives, journalistic and academic pungency with unique insights and ideas.

Im Namen der Völker
In the Name of the People

The first journalistic book in German on the history, the idea and the work of the International Criminal Court. More about the book.

ICC Dictionary

An ebook with almost 200 of the most important terms and concepts of international criminal law and the ICC, with short explanations in alphabetical order. Download from Amazon


“Enhancing Peace Through Survivor’s Leading Transitional Justice Efforts: A New Paradigm”

in: Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Leaders and Followers (Emerald 2019)

“People’s Tribunals and their place in International Justice”

in: People’s Tribunals, Human Rights and the Law: Searching for Justice (Routledge 2019)

Lexikon des guten Lebens: Alle haben Fragen – hat Antworten (Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition 2013)