About me. I’m a political scientist and lawyer, and had the priviledge to work in countries around the world.


I was born in the autumn of 1988 in Southern Germany and dedicated my career to a better understanding, the promotion, and the advancement of international law and international relations. A strong sense of justice keeps me going. Long-distance running teaches me to be perseverant. Throughout my carreer I had the priviledge to work in an international environment, while living in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and South Africa. I speak English, German, Dutch and French and have basic knowledge of Spanish and Arabic.


International relations and diplomacy (Political Science, MSc)
– London School of Economics (LSE)

International law (LL.M.)
– UNICRI / University of Turin

PHOTO: Sandra Meyndt


One of Germany’s Top 30 Journalists under 30 Years (Medium Magazine, 2014)

Nomination for the Best of Online Activism Award for my blog ICCobserver (Deutsche Welle, 2014)

German-Dutch Journalism Award
(Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions 2011)

Social Award for my commitment for Africa (Münsingen 2008)


I’m a member of the Peace and Justice Initiative. In the past, I worked as a pro bono legal adviser for the Dutch Refugee Council and supported the Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ).